About FTC

FTC is a small group of friends.  We’re an independent lot in most reguards but while still helping each out for the greater cause.

FTC is a raiding guild.  If you would to raid, please be sure to tell any of the guild officers. We will not force people to raid if they do not wish to nor will people be kicked from the guild for low attendance / absence from game.

Raid Rules

  • Loot decisions made during raid are final.
  • You must have the latest version of Omen and Deadly Boss Mods in order to raid with us. Please have this ready before the raid starts.
  • The guild uses Ventrilo. Please have the most updated version installed and be ready when the raid leader gives out the Ventrilo information.  It is critical to some fights that everyone be able to hear the raid leader in Ventrilo so this is not optional. Also, commotion is to be kept to a minimum in vent. Strategy can be discussed on the forums
    and / or in private with the raid leader – not in vent unless asked.
  • In general, people who show up more will have a higher chance of coming.
  • Keep in mind raids take a while. Please be prepared.
  • Bring all reagents and mats you need with you before the run starts. Wipes can and will happen.

Raid Loot Rules

  • Master Looter will be used at all times, set to rare (greens are yours to pick up).
  • Loot is divvied up by /roll off priority system.
  • Your class / spec must be able to use the item being rolled on – please do not roll on items you cannot use!
  • If you have received an item, priority will be given to someone who has not won an item yet.
  • Tier items may be subject to Raid Leader review on who receives them.
  • Priority will be reset upon raid reset, or on next day as dictated by the Raid Leader.
  • Should no one want an item, it will be disenchanted and sent to the guild bank.
  • Though not a hard rule, please be considerate – this is not a competition of who gains the most loot.