Raid Min/Max

May 10th, 2011 by Setta

Hello everyone,

I thought I’d spend some time looking at everyone’s gear and putting together a list of what items people need from the new heroics to be fully in epics.  I favored easier items to get, such as reputations and professions when applicable.  So, let’s get right to it!

Note:  If anyone wants to find the lists I got these from, you can find the armor here and the weapons here.  Simply replace the stat weighting system with your class / spec to have it generate the list for you.

Edit — Donavaan has been added!



Wrists: Wristguards of the Predator (Akil’zon)

Weapon: Jin’do’s Verdict (Jin’do the Godbreaker)


Head: Headdress of Sharpened Vision (Daakara)

Neck: Amulet of the Watcher (Bloodlord Mandokir)

Wrists: Wristguards of the Predator (Akil’zon)

Legs: Lightning-Charged Legguards (Valor Points, Tier 11)

Ring: Arlokk’s Signet (High Priestess Kilnara)

Weapon: Jin’do’s Verdict (Jin’do the Godbreaker)


Shoulder: Headdress of Sharpened Vision (Daakara)

Chest: Lightning-Charged Tunic (Valor Points, Tier 11)

Belt: Corded Viper Belt (Leatherworking)

Boots: Moccasins of Verdurous Glooms (Valor Points)

Wrists: Wristguards of the Predator (Akil’zon)

Trinket: Fluid Death (Valor Points)

Weapon: Jin’do’s Verdict (Jin’do the Godbreaker)

Ranged: Mandokir’s Tribute (Jin’do the Godbreaker)



Neck: Amulet of the Watcher (Bloodlord Mandokir)

Shoulder: Tusked Shoulderpads (Daakara)

Wrists: Amani’shi Bracers (Jan’alai)

Cloak: Viewless Wings (Valor Points)

Weapon: Twinblade of the Hakkari (Jin’do the Godbreaker)

Off-Hand: Twinblade of the Hakkari (Jin’do the Godbreaker)

Death Knights


Head: Roaring Mask of Bethekk (High Priestess Kilnara)

Shoulder: Skullpiercer Pauldrons (Daakara)

Boots: Woe Breeder’s Boots (Valor Points)

Ring: Band of Bees (Valor Points)

Trinket: License to Slay (Valor Points)

Relic: Relic of Aggramar (Valor Points)


Head: Spiritshield Mask (Nalorakk)

Neck: Amulet of Protection (Gri’lek)

Gloves: Magma Plated Handguards (Valor Points)

Ring: Ring of the Battle Anthem (Valor Points)

Relic: Relic of Khaz’goroth (Valor Points)



Head: Collar of Bones (Daakara)

Neck: Lightning Flash Pendant (Wildhammer Clan)

Shoulder: Jan’alai’s Spaulders (Jan’alai)

Chest: Firelord’s Robes (Valor Points)

Boots: Desert Walker Sandals (Ramkahen)

Bracers: Wristwraps of Departed Spirits (Halazzi)

Ring 1: Shimmerclaw Band (Halazzi) or Ring of the Boy Emperor (Archeology)

Ring 2: Band of Secret Names (Valor Points)

Trinket 1: Tyrande’s Favorite Doll (Archeology)

Trinket 2: Core of Ripeness (Valor Points)

Cloak: Haunt of Flies (Valor Points)

Weapon: Legacy of Arlokk (Jin’do the Godbreaker), 2 Alternatives Via Archeology

Ranged: Touch of Discord (Bloodlord Mandokir)



Neck: Amulet of Protection (Gri’lek)

Ring: Ring of the Battle Anthem (Valor Points)

Trinket: Impatience of Youth (Tol Barad)

Relic: Relic of Khaz’goroth (Valor Points)


Helm: Plumed Medicine Helm (Zanzil)

Cloak: Heavenly Breeze (Valor Points)



Head: Amani Headdress (Daakara)

Shoulder: Feathers of Akil’zon (Akil’zon)

Chest: Stormrider’s Robes (Valor Points)

Boots: Fading Violet Sandals (Valor Points)

Bracers: Armbands of the Bear Spirit (Nalorakk)

Ring: Twined Band of Flowers (Valor Points)

Trinket: Core of Ripeness (Valor Points)

Cloak: Heavenly Breeze (Valor Points)



Head: Mask of Restless Spirits (Daakara)

Shoulder: Spiritbinder Spaulders (Zanzil)

Chest: Tunic of the Raging Elements (Valor Points) or Twilight Scale Chestguard (Leatherworking)

Belt: Sash of Anguish (High Priestess Kilnara) or Stormleather Sash (Leatherworking)

Boots: Earthmender’s Boots (Earthen Ring)

Bracers: Shadowmender Wristguards (Halazzi)

Gloves: Handwraps of the Raging Elements (Valor Points)

Ring: Band of Secret Names (Valor Points)

Trinket: Core of Ripeness (Valor Points)

Weapon: Amani Scepter of Rites (Daakara)

Offhand: Elementium Stormshield (Blacksmithing)

Relic: Relic of Eonar (Valor Points)



Head: The Hexxer’s Mask (Jin’do the Godbreaker)

Shoulder: Claw-Fringe Mantle (High Priestess Kilnara)

Pants: Breeches of Mended Nightmares (Tailoring)

Boots: Slippers of Moving Waters (Valor Points)

Ring: Band of Secret Names (Valor Points)

Cloak: Heavenly Breeze (Valor Points)

Ranged: Touch of Discord (Bloodlord Mandokir)

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2 Responses to “Raid Min/Max”

  1. Donavaan Says:

    I changed spec and gear. If you feel like it, go ahead and do a profile. If not, that’s cool too. I’ve got a good idea of what I need (:

  2. Setta Says:

    Ha ha, thanks Donavaan! I had the feeling you were much higher than what was showing up – I’ll be happy to put up your profile tomorrow! Thanks for the update 🙂