Halfus is hard!

February 17th, 2011 by Setta

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

(This ogre stomped us good)

I know that sounds obvious, but it would appear that we have not got Halfus on farm yet.  Last night was a combination of needing more gear and a strategy that wasn’t terribly effective.  At this point, I’m fairly sure we’ll need to free two drakes to get him down when there is that much AoE going on.

Beyond that, our attempt on Bastion of Twilight is done this week, next up is the Conclave of Wind!  We’ll be hitting that Monday and I have a strong feeling that they won’t hold against our assault.  The Conclave is all about execution and I know we have the gear to destroy them.  I’ll post a quick strategy with links a little later today.

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Halfus Wyrmbreaker Down!

February 10th, 2011 by Setta

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Halfus is down! FTC has started the end game progression.

Our crew pictured above (left to right): Sekikaze, Ainimas, Ravik, Kyrizha (partially hidden behind Ravik), Santile, Donavaan, Setta, Keary, Zenatari and Mythka!

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